I died hiking 

Although the scenery was beautiful, the path uphill was treacherous. I swear it was extremely hot one second and the next I was freezing. When I sweat it was a weird cold sweat, like the ones you get when you’re really sick and feel like you’re about to die. If I die, I hope I don’t die hiking. 

Strangely enough, my feet and knees don’t hurt but my ankles feel like they’re being struck with a steel rod with each step I take. The pain radiates up to the next day (today). I literally had to wobble all day today. 

I’d definitely go hiking again, just not on this trail. The path was a bit narrow and slippery. The risk of falling isn’t worth it to me. I’m not for the extreme hiking life!

My shoes used to be extremely clean before this… And now they’re… Well… Dreadful!
Well… I may go here again depending on who wants to come with next time! 
Outfit details on YouTube: Khirstyn-Lien

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