Date Night: A Lookbook

This minimalistic look was thrown together in ten minutes to hit the movies.

I paired a longline Calvin Klein leather coat with buckled wrist cuffs and detailed button line up with a simple body con olive skirt and striped white and olive button up top. All from my mom’s closet since I was home for a short weekend and didn’t pack much with me from my apartment!

Also this is my first post in a while because school.

High stress. A few days straight with no sleep. Lots of tests. Papers and abstracts to write. Forgetting to eat for a few days. College am I right? After a full day from 9am tests to getting out of orgo lab at 3pm my friend picked me up straight from school and we headed to San Antonio for spring break! I wasn’t able to get sleep for a couple days by then but still decided it was time to die, but bounced back again and now I’m headed to South Padre.

Bear with me and stay tuned for more posts! Thanks for supporting my favorite hobby and stress reliever. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to stay updated with my latest posts!


Khirstyn-Lien 💕

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