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Hi!  If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Khirstyn-Lien. My whole life is basically school and will probably be for the next ten years or so. I’m currently a science major at the biggest and best university in the great state of Texas!

Fun fact: my fashion and photography hobbies have led me to become a campus stylist for Victoria’s Secret PINK. Another fun fact: my hobby of painting was coupled with my philanthropy work and while running  a campaign and putting a team together in order to raise money for research and treatment for the leading childhood cancer I auctioned off one of my paintings. The first painting I ever sold! And currently I’m continuing my work with another organization which works towards the same cause.

I started this blog during my sophomore year of high school and hope you’ll grow with me as I grow throughout the years! Originally this was developed as a stress reliever. I loved making websites and fashion so here I am. Ever since I can remember my course load has been science heavy so bear with me if I don’t post for long periods of time during the school year. I’m most likely studying for tests, or volunteering somewhere, or doing something school organization related!

Here you’ll find my insight on the hottest food spots, my views on life, my fav products, makeup inspiration, vacation recaps, and my everyday outfits! Just a little  bit of everything that makes me happy and makes this life worth living.


Thanks for your support! Hopefully I can bring some stress relief and useful insight to ya’ll through these posts.




***Disclaimer: All content and images are mine unless stated otherwise.***

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  1. Are you a Texas A&M student!?! Gig ’em! I’m the loudest and proudest member of the fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2016! Whoop!!!


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