Bahamas Summer 2014

summer school sadness 018 Out of everything there, this was literally all I wanted! It’s a sea turtle with it’s own baby in a tiny pouch. I’d say the baby sea turtle is what sold it. Cutest little thing by far!

Processed with RookieLet’s just say that this was not the best meal I’ve ever had and leave it at that…

Now, here is the best part of my vacation! My family makes everything fun, despite the arguments every moment is a good moment. Maybe that sounds cliché, but it’s the honest truth. I can’t imagine being around anyone else for the rest of my life. Without them, I don’t know what I’d do and that’s probably going to be the most scary part when I go off to college. Maybe sometimes they’re embarrassing, but the embarrassing moments is what makes everything memorable and worthwhile. I’m lucky to call these people family without a doubt.

summer school sadness 026 summer school sadness 029 summer school sadness 030 summer school sadness 032 summer school sadness 033 summer school sadness 034

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