Do It Yourself. Do it better.

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summer 2k15 033

Recently it was one of my closest friend’s 17th birthday! I decided to do another DIY gift, since we are going off to college soon I wanted to give her something that would remind her of us just in case we end up at different colleges, which is highly likely. Her favorite candy and possibly favorite thing ever is snickers! I got her one for each year we’ve been friends for a total of five years so far! I then made two sheets filled with photos of us from 7th grade when we looked so awkward all the way up to this year which is our junior year. I put the years and captions of the memories on the back of each one as well. I love giving and getting gifts with so much meaning and thought behind it because it’s better than anything you could ever buy. To finish off the box I simply tied it with a purple ribbon and curled the ends and added extra ribbon and curled it to make the bow look fuller. I then tied a balloon to the ribbon and tucked the rest of the ribbon from the balloon into the box so that it wouldn’t fly away when I got into and out of my car. I had to wake up extra early to deliver this present to her house because she had school at seven (mind you it’s summer and who gets up at seven by choice in the summer?!?!?)

Morale of this post, DIY is better. If you do it yourself no one else can replicate the gift you give to someone and it’ll help you to avoid those awkward and embarrassing moments if you would have brought the person the same thing that someone else already got them!

Next idea up for AUGUST 16TH IS READY TO GO!!!


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