Art appreciation 

Everything has the potential to be beautiful as long as you stop to embrace it’s beauty.

Often times I go to art galleries with people who honestly could care less about the pieces.  For example, today I was accompanied by my younger sister who cared more to snapchat her own face instead of the face of the art  and get under the lighting of light out above sculptures on display to get a good selfie… And there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it’s nice to go with people who genuinely embrace the works and admire the effort that someone has put into each and every piece. 

The uniqueness of each gallery is breathtaking and I’m all for photo ops! But 90% of your time in art galleries should be spent admiring what has been created by people who dedicated their lives to making these pieces. And… I guess the other 10% can be spent taking selfies and what not, because who doesn’t love a good ootd? 

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