High school: the end of an error 

Yes, I meant what I wrote. Error is in fact correct, don’t question my wording. I did get the English department award in high school you know. 
In all seriousness that doesn’t matter, but it is not irrelevant if you’re still having second thoughts about my choice of words. 
High school. Where do I begin? Since I was younger I was taught to strive to do my best. Once I got into high school my parents no longer hounded me on grades as much, not to say they didn’t care (because the REALLY REALLY did). But the burden was now on myself. I was harder on myself than anyone else was or could’ve been. I remember getting my first B and crying about it. I don’t think it was the fact that I got a B, but more so that I was pushed one step down on my path to becoming what I wanted to be, a doctor. Stereotypical I know, but believe it or not my parents never pushed me towards that occupation. They would’ve rather we me get into a field where there was less stress and lawsuits. Anyways, after my freshman year my grades got higher progressively. Junior year and senior year being my hardest with full packed AP courses I managed to get the best grades I’ve gotten in high school. (Higher A’s than the normals A’s I had been receiving before.)

All the while I had been an active meme we and officer to more than several clubs within school as well as clubs outside of school. 
Freshman year was terrible. It may have been the progression of going into my teenage years, family problems, stress from school, or all of the above, but I recall it being regular that I sat in my walk in closet and cried. I would sit there for a few hours and wait it out until I’d go downstairs and act like everything was fine. 

Come sophomore year I transferred to a new school. I was already a naturally quiet kid and making friends was a bit harder than at my old school. (By making friends I mean the kind of friends that come up and introduce themselves to you… Because I’m usually not the person to strike up a conversation first.) Anyways, this high school felt more clique oriented than mine and it’s like the high schools you see in movies which I thought wouldn’t exist after a year at my previous school. I was in all the same clubs as before in hopes for a sense of normalcy in my schedule but they didn’t feel as enjoyable as before. I went to the library for lunch a lot and stopped eating to avoid the crowd of people in the lunchroom and when I went home I never felt like eating either. Don’t worry I was still healthy and didn’t die seeing that I’m writing this post today. My parents were always busy with work and my other siblings so when they asked if I had eaten I’d just say yes. I usually went a couple days without eating but I hear people fast for months for religious reasons so I guess that’s fine. During that time I weighed the least I’ve ever weighed in high school. After a semester I talked to my mom about how I felt and she was supportive and helped me transfer back to my old school. She did it relatively fast and surprised me one day by pulling me out of the school that I had been distressed at. So I had a day off and after worked really hard to catch up on lessons especially in math and chemistry because this school was on different topics. 
Junior year came around and it was pretty rough academically. My grades were great but I was stressed from running clubs, things at home, missing school for competirions, and sleep was sparse. (Actually 3hrs of sleep was the regular throughout all my years of high school except when I went to a different school for half a semester my sophomore year… I slept a lot then. ) At the end of the year I was screwed over by a organization but I’ll save my breath for more important things like how I met with a Texas state senator who wrote me a letter of recommendation.  

Senior year. Girl, let me tell you. Whoever said senior year is the easiest is a liar. It was a stressful workload topped with college applications, scholarship applications, and responsibility. I used to skip lunch by habit from sophomore year but during junior and senior year I would go to the library to apply for scholarships instead of eating. I was the president of four clubs, held officer positions in several other organizations, made time to volunteer at the nursing home on a regular basis, made the best grades I’ve made in high school, ran a campaign to raise money for cancer, participated in church extracurriculars, constantly missing school and traveling for competitions and to visit family, worked with our county’s medical reserve corps, and worked at an ice real shop. Crazy as it seems, this is the year I was the most stressed but I never cried. Making a decision on which college to go to made me want to cry at times though. I only applied to three: UT Austin, Texas A&M, and LSU. I applied in October and was accepted into all three but never really made a decision until July. (It sounds impossible but ya girl was signed up for various orientations.)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, high school was one big error that fed of my little errors. I made the mistake of wasting tears over things that I no longer give two hecks about and wasted time on people who now mean nothing to me. 
Advice to those still in high school: work on scholarships always. It’s never too early to start. Get that guap. Blasè Blasè. 
 But in all seriousness, apply for scholarships because they all add up. I’m thankful to have my first semester taken care of, but it’s due to the time I sacrificed and spent progressively while my friends went off campus to go eat. Also, don’t listen to those who say you won’t talk to the people you did in high school. That’s honestly your choice, since school ende I’ve made time for the about 12 friends whose company I did enjoy out of the hundreds of people I was forced to see everyday. We roll deep and are always down when it comes down to making plans with one another. 
I remember freshman year a senior told me to watch my back because my best friend wouldn’t be my best friend by the end of senior year I don’t know who hurt him, but my best friend is always going to be my best friend because we make the choice to work through our problems. Thanks to our ability to compromise our friendship has only grown stronger! Sounds lame but in all honesty there’s no person I would be happier to live with this fall!!!

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