Get Ready With Me: Casual Makeup Tutorial

Get ready with me next to you! LOLSo as we all know it’s super fun to get ready with our gal pals, so on the days when we’re alone we find ourselves getting ready with music orr sometimes other people through YouTube! I’m using champagne pop for highlight, nyx liquid black liner, tarte mini nude lippie (that gives a nice minty tingly feeling when applied), elf bronzer on my cheek bones and forehead, and I can’t remember which foundation I used so there’s that, and of course my favorite falsies that I brought off of amazon from a random place in China! (They have a clear band and that’s the first quality I look for in a falsie strip!) 🤷🏻‍♀️
-xoxo Khirstyn-Lien 👸🏻💕

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