Lash talk: falsies vs. mascara 

Lashes. Definitely one of the most important parts while doing your makeup to enhance your already natural beauty.

As we all know, eyes are the window to the soul and having bold lashes enhances your eyes. By enlarging your eyes you draw further attention of people when having conversation emersing them in feelings that words can’t explain, but the depths of your bold eyes can.

So let’s get down to it. Personally I love using false lashes over mascara because:

  1. Falsies are less messy to take off. Wiping off mascara and getting it smeared all over your face after a long day whether removing it with makeup remover or water in the shower is the most aggravating thing in the world to me. Makeup is fun to put on but is a bleep to take off!
  2. Peeling lashes off your eyelids at the end of the day is a great feeling. (Probably because I was one of those weird kids who liked peeling dried glue off of the glue bottle tops.)
  3. Mascara clumps and you can’t get your lashes perfectly synced on both sides.
  4. Falsies are perfectly aligned on both sides and makes life that much easier.

Personally, falsies are the most logical choice to me! It makes life that much easier and completes your look. Lash extensions are another story… maybe you’ll see a post about it soon!

Until next time,

-xoxo Khirstyn-Lien

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