PINK Beauty Box: what’s inside?

So far as a PINK stylist I’ve had assignments prkmarily dealing with ootds which is so exciting for me because it’s my only source of fun outside of my academic work. (I’m kind of a drama queen, I guess I eat and hang out with friends at kickbacks to or whatever.) 
Last week was espicailly difficult: moving in to my new apartment on my own with no help from my parents for the first time in the midst of hard rain as a result of hurricane Harvey, trying to get my life back together as my school schedule was falling apart, and dealing with a pretty rough accident where my tiny car got rear ended by a huge truck (Texas y’all, am I right?). 

Thankfully no one was hurt, I’m back on track and mentally stable when it comes to dealing with my school schedule, and my parents came to visit my new home for the year! 

So I guess you could say this box of relaxation came in just in time to help me wind down after one of the most hectic weeks I’ve encountered (besides dead week last semester). 

Stay tuned to follow my journey as a stylist, student, and I guess my life in general!


Khirstyn-Lien Vu

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