Trapped Studying

With the exception of going out for tutoring , I trapped myself in my house studying for the week. Long story short that ochem test bodied me. For the most part pretty much everyone feels bad leaving their tests but it always seems to work out in the end.

Sometimes after weeks like this you just need sleep, and human interaction… sleeping at 5am waking up at 8am, and being in solitude would probably drive anyone nuts.

Self care is key:

1. Rest. I shouldn’t be one to talk since I never really follow this rule. But sleep is so important. It’s pertinent for learning retention and also reduces eye bags. Super mega important to keep a youthful glow. (Something I’m definitely losing.)

2. Lunch dates with friends. Social interaction is important to keep you sane. Being around other people who’s company you enjoy will relieve stress more than you could ever imagine. Just talking about things other than school could get your mind off of the tough things for a bit.

3. Eat well. And by well, I mean healthier foods. Not the processed kind most college kids are forced to turn to. Find time to nourish your body properly because junk food will have you feeling more lethargic and well, you don’t need to feel extra sluggish after long periods of studying. Give your brain the food it deserves!

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