A Sweet Treat During Finals Season

The stress of finals is a familiar feeling for students worldwide. No matter what age, generally finals week will consume you. I must admit, and it may be well known that I’m a high stress type of person and well this time of the year definitely breaks me. One night I spent 2+ hours out eating and studying with friends and as soon as I got home questioned myself for not spending that time studying.

Burn out is becoming real from staying up to 3am nightly and sometimes 5am, then getting up at 7am to start my day and doing it all over. Freshman year I could function, but this semester it’s been hard for me to keep up with that type of sleep schedule and I find myself getting tired all the time.

After a long tiring day and feeling like I hit a midlife crisis, at 11pm when I got back from tutoring these were delivered to my door from my sweet friend, mentor, and now big! This made my week and day 1000 times better so I decided to do the same for one of my friends.

My challenge for you is to do the same. Make someone’s life sweeter (both literally and figuratively). You may not know how big of a difference you could make.

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