Battington Luxury Lash Review

Falsies. A staple for me. I’ve been experimenting and trying different sets since I was about 15/16, and well I’m 20 now… so you do the math.

The gold and white packaging was beautifully executed. Good packaging could sell almost anything to me. The quality of the silk lashes are amazing and the shape held true when removed from the boxing.

The style I got is “Kennedy” and it has a flare effect which shortens as you get to the inner corners of your eyes. I like my lashes bold and extra. These battington luxury lashes are great for a natural effect. But if I wanted natural, I would just slap some mascara on my normal lashes which are fairly long. It didn’t give any volume whatsoever so for that reason I don’t find myself wanting to wear them as often. It could be the style I got them in that didn’t fit the look I go for but even in person it looked full, thick, and long enough in the packaging. But when applied it didn’t look like much.

The upside about it was that it was fairly easy to remove from the packaging. They claim you can wear them up to 20 times.

Long story short these are good for a natural look, but if you’re looking to go glam you may have to quadruple stack these which isn’t exactly price feasible at 28$ per set on a college budget.

The glue that came with the set didn’t work to well. I applied a generous amount all around and after about 5 hours they started to pop off in the middle which is strange because usually when lashes do start popping off it’s at the corners where it’s harder to stay on.

If you’re looking for good falsie strip lash glue I’d recommend duo lash glue. Typically I go with the clear adhesive but lately have found the dark adhesive to be better for a bolder eye look as it creates a liner effect to bring out your eyes. (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by duo but am rather stating facts from about 5 years of trials and failures regarding falsies.)

(The only closeup pick I got of the lashes on that day.)

2 thoughts on “Battington Luxury Lash Review

  1. I’m 21 and have just learnt how to put lashes on! Lol! Took me forever and now I can put falsies on within 10 minutes haha 🙂 Great lashes you choose to review 🙂 Love them
    I would love for you to check out my latest post on my blog xx


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