Traveling Light



Ever since I can remember I’ve had the largest luggage when going on trips. Whether it be on family vacations or school trips with friends. Once I recall going on a family cruise when I was about 15. I had at least three+ outfits for each day, and you better believe I used every single one of those. Along with that I brought 6 pairs of sunglasses, 4 bathing suits, and about two pairs of sandals, two pairs of heels, and two flats. Mind you this was only a seven day cruise. What can I say, I like to be super prepared. I don’t aspire to be that extra, sometimes I just am. But I know there’s plenty of people out there like me with this problem.

More recently on my past few trips I’ve been on I packed just enough but still had the largest luggage compared to my whole family! What. Is. This. For this five day vacation I packed two ski jackets, four scarves, only two pairs of snow boots, two bathing suits, a fluffy vest, a coat, a fluffy jacket, four long sleeve, a robe, 3 sunglasses, a New Year dress, three pairs of leggings, and jeans. Last but not least two different kinds of calculators for my online cal winter mester course.

Seems like a no brainer, but to travel lighter try taking pieces to layer for an illusion that your wardrobe isn’t as limited as it actually is when on vacation. I used to have the problem of over packing but once I got simpler, classic, more timeless pieces it helped to reduce my baggage. Buying solid color clothing in a similar scheme will allow pretty much any outfit you put together to match. For me I stick with light pinks as well as nudes.

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