Denim on denim, a fashion faux pas?

I’m baaaack. Looking through my camera roll to post pics like this from almost over a year ago.

A trend that has been controversial since the 90’s. Denim on denim. Let’s talk about it. While many view it as a crime against fashion, there are ways to make it work. I’m not the biggest fan of denim but anyone can agree that a button up denim skirt is a closet staple for people everywhere. It goes with almost anything.

Here I paired this old Calvin Klein denim skort, yes it’s a skirt/short, from my mom’s closet circa 1980, with a darker denim cropped button down patterned with sketches of paper airplanes in white to separate it from the simplicity of the skort. The look was a bit too simple, and y’all know I love a good staple necklace so I paired it with this chunky gold tri knitted necklace and a black MK over the shoulder bag. Not pictured are strapping black sandals and none other than my favorite pair of rose circle lenses glasses.

Life update: I’ve been M.I.A. due to heavy demands of school, and organizations. I definitely have loads of content (fashion related) from my own personal travels and through pictures sponsored by VS PINK, but am literally always on the go during the school year so I don’t get to blog as often as I’d like. Had a heavy test week of final mid terms and just took my last ochem test today! Get excited. But next week holds a whirl wind of finals. Pretty much maxed out my breakdowns for this week so for the next few days I’ll focus on community service and finally catching some sleep.

Good luck to all my people taking finals out there. I know it’s rough but remember there’s always someone wishing to be educated and you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do so! I believe in you. You can stick it through.

Thanks for sticking it through with me and stay tuned!

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