Save 1440$ A Year On GEL NAILS

Are you tired of spending 120$+ a month on nails?! Me too! As a full time graduate student I find it hard to put it in my budget without feeling guilty. I would treat myself after completing a unit by going to get my nails done after my lab practical. After getting my nails done here in Fort Worth having the worst experience I have ever had and getting my nails botched, having been cut and bleeding during the first time ever in a manicure, and coming out with bubbles as well as already peeling spots… I decided I could have done way better myself.

When I go to the salon I always find myself getting a gel manicure and pedicure.

I love gel nails because they last a good month or two and with a jam packed schedule of courses and home responsibilities it makes it less to maintain while still looking put together. Having a fresh set of nails is more for my own state of mind. Being able to look decent regardless if your workload makes you feel like you’re falling apart make the days that much more bearable.

Click the link below for this easy at home gel nail polish kit! It has it’s own light and an assortment of 12 colors! After doing a lot of research and reasoning with myself if it was worth the buy or not, I came to the conclusion of narrowing it down to this kit that had top reviews and the best variety of colors out of all the premade sets in my opinion.

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