Dallas Winter: A Lookbook

Bringing the look books back. I’m looking at my blogposts and have been on a hiatus from cookbooks since 2019. Originally fashion was the direction of this blog for a long time. After I quit my styling positions I just started posting outfit pictures on Instagram and used this blog for more life oriented posts. Since lately I’ve been getting back into hobbies I haven’t had time for in a while from writing, to lookbooks, painting, and leisure reading I thought this would be the perfect time to relaunch lookbooks to my blog.

Lately I’ve been wearing monochrome outfits to keep things clean and sleek. I love neutrals and this nude longline coat is the perfect winter staple as it continues to get colder in the DFW area. It was actually hot last weekend and you could wear shorts during Christmas! The brown longlseeve shirt is also another one of my favorite staples that you can dress up or down. The tan pants are my go to. Flowy pants have been some of my favorite closet staples for the past four years because they’re so comfortable and it makes every outfit look timeless paired with a simple shirt. For my shoes I’m wearing brown square toed shoes to match the long sleeve shirt. Lately I’ve been pairing all my outfits with simple basic heels to elevate the look to the next level.

Simple color palettes, monochrome sets, and longline coats are my go to for this winter.

Until next time,


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