So, it’s been a while… well actually almost a year. But, I guess you can say senior year is definitely not the easiest year. Having all AP classes, being president of Health Occupation Students of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Key Club, and National Honor Society while holding officer positions in various other clubs as well, constantly competing in UIL competition events, and giving speeches in public by request, having to leave town and miss school constantly to compete in events, while juggling the constant battles of family matters and petty mean girls at school who have had it out for you since the seventh grade despite the fact that you have absolutely nothing to do with them. I guess it’s safe to say that senior year is NOT a walk in the park and whoever said senior year was the easiest year is in fact a pathological liar.

While learning that some people have hearts genuinely full of nothing but hatred, I have come to terms with accepting the fact that you cannot change someone’s mind no matter how kind you are. Once their mind is fixed, it’s fixed. Having stood back and allowing people to step on me throughout my previous years, this year I have learned that if I have respect for myself, I won’t put up with other people’s hateful behavior and allow for them to belittle me to the extent that I constantly feel bad about myself for no good reason. Despite the torture thrust upon me by these malicious souls, I have continuously prayed for their lives to change for the better so that they do not feel the need to put others down in order to make themselves feel accomplished. When others spoke poorly of them because of their spiteful actions, I took up for them despite their animosity towards me even though I knew the poor words spoken of them were true.

I can only continue to pray for these people to have a change in character as I have done before, but I will no longer take up for them like I have in the past because what is being said about their character is true.

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.- Proverbs 10:12

Pictured below are two of my favorite prom dresses that I was able to try on. On the left is a more modern dress as it is a two piece. The top is a sleek white haltered top accompanied by a pink pleated silk skirt with tool beneath to give it volume. On the right is a royal purple, peplum bottomed, and sleeveless topped gown with a deep v-cut neckline and a large bow tie to cinch the waistline. Both dresses cost a little bit over half a grand.

No normal teenage girl could afford these dresses on their own and prom dress shopping comes to be more of a hassle than fun leisurely past time. From 9th-11th grade a friend and I used to go prom dress shopping for fun, but now that the time has come it seems more like an unwanted task than anything else.

Overall, prom dress shopping seems to add to the endless list of varying problems that senior girls like myself face. High school is definitely not something that I think I’ll miss.

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