Easter Sunday

For two weekends in a row my family drove to Louisiana!!! It’s a 8hr car ride one way! Insane, right?! Road trips are pretty intense…. Especially when little Kylie poo has a weak stomach.

All he wants is 4for4’s from Wendy’s! The drive was so worth it! I love my family so much. Even if the time we got to see them amounted to less than the actual car ride it took to get to them!

When I first got there I took a picture with my baby cousin Evan who happens to enjoy tormenting me! But who could stay mad at him when he has model legs?? He’s practically as tall as me and he’s only 8! Another perk of being in Louisiana is the sno cones! They’re much cheaper than in Texas. Personally I like the stuffed snowballs (sno cones with ice cream tucked away in the center.) Just don’t get grape flavor because it tastes like poison.

On Easter morning I woke up to an Easter basket. 🙂 Honestly I can’t remember the last time I got one. When we were younger our Aunt Lieu would send us Easter baskets that I sooooo loved, and I thought as an adult I’d be too grown for this type of stuff but when I got it was so excited! My godmother knows me so well and put eyeshadows, lipsticks, as well as candy in it! Everything I love from a person I love. ☺️ I guess you really are never too old for Easter baskets.

During these trips I also got to see my mini me Gabriela! She’s such a diva… Like someone we all know. My baby Giovanni is the sweetest too! When we painted Easter eggs they were too cute for words!

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