Family Oriented: A Lifestyle Choice 

A typical weekend consists of hanging out with my family, well actually everyday consists of that. Ever since I can recall everything that we’ve done has been family oriented!

I used to resent the fact that I could never go to sleepovers, hang out with my friends, or simply hang out with people just because. After 18 years of following my parents rules I realized, I’m not really missing out on anything because my family is who I WANT to spend my time with and I can’t imagine anyone else who could keep me better company.

A simple average Sunday consists of going to mass, having a great time at Six Flags Over Texas, and going out to eat. Not attending a single sleepover for the 18 years that I’ve been alive and not being out partying as high school teenagers are depicted to do in shows seems so trivial.

Having endless laughs across the world from the Bahamas to home, enjoying milkshakes together, and having pointless arguments are all things that I’ll miss once I move away for university.

Youth is ephermal, and there’s no better way to spend mine than with the people whom I’ll stick with forever, through thick and thin.

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