Keeping Up With Khirstyn: College Dorm Life

When you try to do yoga/ meditate but the dorms don’t let you use candles so you have to use digital ones… Definitely doesn’t give off the same vibes. #tragicNo doubt school is stressful and being in a new place where you don’t really know a lot of people can add more to your stress, but technically life is stressful in general so sometimes you have to take a deep breath and remember that there’s always something better to look forward to. 

Although I do have to admit it’s strange, everyone made being a high school freshman seem like the worst possible situation. But honestly that year I made friends the fastest without effort, upperclassmen mostly but also underclassmen seemed to become friends with me easily during one of my more introverted stages of life and I’ve kept a lot of those friends up until this day. On the other hand people always hype up college freshman year as one of the best years of your life. When in comparison it seems completely opposite. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t suck. I do me. Get good grades, joined extracurricular clubs and pre professional clubs, but it does seem a tad bit more socially divided in my opinion. I guess I expected something different… I’ll spare the details but you get the idea. 

Whether you’re in college or not, we’re all going to have uncomfortable situations that we’re forced to face but don’t let that stop you from excelling and reaching your goals. 

P. S. 

I know I said I was going to blog more once I got into college but honestly even my daily vlogs are starting to turn into monthly vlogs! School alone keeps me pretty busy, no job yet, and definitely no relationships for as long as I can possibly hold that subject off… Anyways you know the drill! 

Stay posted for more college updates! 

-xoxo K

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