First Halloween alone 

First Halloween alone in college was actually kind of sad. I missed being with my little brother although he seems to think he’s too old to trick or treat now! (Even though it’s never really been his thing and I had him as an excuse to continue trick or treating for as long as I could.) 

This year Halloween fell on a Monday… So I literally stayed in and studied after my classes ended at 2ish and studied biology and chemistry and also spoke with my advisor about next semester class scheduling as well as completed my research application. Wow! College is so fun!!! #amIRightLadies

Friday night I went out trick or treating with one of my volunteering groups and it felt so weird because kids were handing out candy to me when the roles should’ve been reversed. 😳 Saturday was whatever (saw a movie with friends, went to a football game alone, etc.), but Sunday was my Halloween outing I guess! After attending a student led tutoring session for biology I went to a dental society social and carved a pumpkin for the first time in my lifetime! It was definitely harder than I thought but I won best pumpkin and a DAT prep book. Being surrounded by people with like minded goals in the long run has pushed me to do better and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for me!

My college experience is definitely more tame in an enjoyable way and although it’s stressful I know I’ll be happy with what comes my way through the hard work put in. 

Stay posted!

-xoxo, & don’t forget to floss


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