Home sweet home

The first time I’ve visited home since I left was about a few weeks ago during the beginning of October. I had been homesick even though my parents make it a priority to come visit me on the weekends every other week. 

When I got back it was pretty late on Friday night and the bus stop was so sketchy. But once I got in the car I was so happy my heart could’ve bursted! Singing and dancing in the backseat of the car with my little brother/ and best friend is something that nothing will be able to top! And getting to see my mom and dad without looking at a screen was a plus as well.

That weekend they did everything I wanted to do and made it a point to feed me constantly. They literally let me choose every meal and took me to the state fair even though they don’t like it. 

I’m blessed to have a family full of people who love me unconditionally and being home after being stressed out about college, degree planning, life, and relationships helped me to put things back into perspective. 



P. S. Never forget that he has a plan for you. 

Jeremiah 29:11

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