Study break: the drive to Austin 

Because what’s a trip to Austin without gordoughs?! Ft the “dirty berry”
Miso hot ramen garnished with corn, green onions, and red pepper
College. Literally non stop studying has composed the majority of my college experience. In high school they tell you “college is the best time of your life,” “there’s no homework,” and “you’ll have free time,” which I have come to learn were all lies. Well for me at least, it’s not in a bad way but just don’t expect it to be that way! This past Saturday I studied all day as usual, and then one of my friends asked if I wanted to get ramen. 

Long story short a one way 2hr drive was taken to Austin and back for a quick food trip. (For some really bomb ramen that I’d consider moving to Austin for.)

So to all of my friends out there going to college, this is what college is. And to all of my already graduated friends who’ve finished college, this is what college is. 99% studying and 1% of time spent going out of your way to eat good food. 

Well this is what college is for me anyways!

Until our next update,

RIP fellow science majors. Lab practicals and finals are amongst us. 

Don’t study too hard!



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