First day of school is always rough 

Well the first day of second semester… 

Like the first day of college for me last semester, this one was quite rough. 

My day consisted of attempting to meet with advisors for letters of recommendation for summer internships and riding my oversized bike in the rain while raindrops pelted my eyes like little shards of glass. Then drying up in the library just to go out for lunch and getting drenched for a second time!

Despite looking like a crazy person with red eyes, a pink nose, and soaking wet clothes: I can feel that this semester will be even better than the last because of the people I’ve surrounded myself with. Plus I got to attend my first college basketball game and finally made use of my 12th man sports pass!

Remember that each day given to you is another blessing that you aren’t entitled to, and despite the circumstances you should always be grateful. As some situations could have been better, do recall that they could have also been worse. 



P. S. I’ll probably post Christmas, birthday, and New Years blog posts that I haven’t uploaded yet pretty soon. 💕

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