Finals. A huge percentage of your grade. For any student it proves time and time again to be a stressful time. Whether you procrastinate or not, you will n ever feel fully prepared to take a test, “if i had one more day” always seems to cross your mind, and if you deny this you’re a probably a pathological liar and I don’t trust you. As a pre dent, pre med, or any student trying to get into graduate school it can be a even stressful time. Not only do you need to pass your classes, you need to ace them! Some people can’t take it anymore to the extent of dropping out, or sometimes even worse.

I just want to remind you that sometimes you need to take a break when necessary. For example like going out and tanning since you’ve been pinned in all year by schoolwork. I took literally two hours out of my day to tan (even though it was cloudy and rained on me) and it reminded me of how blessed we are to be given another day.
Right after I hit the books for a solid four days leading to today! My final. Study up y’all! Work hard, and play just as hard ;-).
BTHO FINALS for those of you still testing!


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