Eating: the most worthy type of procrastination 

During finals week I found myself eating away time. When I wasn’t studying I was eating and when I wasn’t eating I was studying. This inverse correlation occurs because the mentality of not wasting time. While studying for finals I restrict myself to no tv, no friends, skipping extracurricular activities, and ignoring calls/facetimes of everyone (although I sometimes find myself doing this on a regular basis :-)). BUT my excuse to socialize comes with eating out and cooking?!? Me?! Cook?!? Hahaha. But that’s exactly what I did because in my mind if you’re eating it’s a form of productivity, nearly as important as studying for a test that can determine your GPA and chances of getting into graduate school programs of your choice. And I weigh eating as maybe even a little more important than studying because after all shelter, water, and FOOD are essential to all life forms.

Shoutout to everyone else who thinks the same way and to those who judge people with logic like us! Happy finals to those still testing and enjoy these pics within my dead week and my three outings to Texas Roadhouse within a span of less than 1.5 weeks!



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