Go To Easy Low Calorie Breakfast

Cinnamon French Toast Topped With  Fresh Strawberries Start by beating three eggs in a bowl with half a cup of milk, and some cinnamon. Dip four pieces of bread into the mix one by one flipping both sides. Cook it in a pan until crisp. Top it off with some freshly sliced strawberries, and powdered … More Go To Easy Low Calorie Breakfast

Dallas Eats: sweetmix

Well, technically Richardson. Looking for a place with shaved ice/ and flak softer and fluffier than a cloud?! Look no further! Sweet mix has a variety of fruity flavors to fulfill your tastebuds! Perfect for those hot summer days, heck even winter! If you’re looking for something with a little more sustenance try a chocolate … More Dallas Eats: sweetmix

Start your day right!

Mornings can be such a drag. But waking up and eating something delicious and nutritious can really jump start your day! Try eating a cup of Greek honey yogurt topped with mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, and granola with flax seeds. Also drink some coconut water to give yourself that clear complexion to conquer every day!

Eating: the most worthy type of procrastination 

During finals week I found myself eating away time. When I wasn’t studying I was eating and when I wasn’t eating I was studying. This inverse correlation occurs because the mentality of not wasting time. While studying for finals I restrict myself to no tv, no friends, skipping extracurricular activities, and ignoring calls/facetimes of everyone … More Eating: the most worthy type of procrastination