College Meals: On-The-Go-Turkey Wrap

Before I moved to college I hated cooking. Well not so much the cooking part but the cleaning part that followed so I always tried to avoid it. 

But! Have no fear, if you’re like me you won’t have to starve to death because I’m going to show you my go to meal when I’m in a rush. 

Ingredients + process: I use mission spinach tortillas and layer it with two table spoons of spicy guac that I get pre made (I literally buy an entire tub of guac for myself alone each week), grab a handful of organic spinach, and a handful of lettuce, add two slices of organic honey turkey, and wah lah! Wrap it up and take it to go or enjoy it at home. 

(Less than 5 minute process!)

And usually I add some type of fruit on the side, today’s choice was fresh strawberries. 

Here’s my go to quick and easy meal! It’s honestly so simple and the prep time is practically zero minutes. 

I hope y’all enjoy this little number as much as I do if not more. Shoutout to all my starving college comrades out there. 

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