Dallas Eats: Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

Let’s cut to the chase, at 11$ for a macaroni grilled cheese: I have to say eating this college staple has never felt more boujee.

While the combination of two all American classic favorites sounds delectable, it was quite… well… average per say. Neither of us could finish our sandwiches and only ate half. But if it had been delectable, we would have stuffed it in our faces. Trust me, nothing will hold you back from eating if it’s something delicious.


While it was good, there are places that are excellent! It didn’t quite leave me wanting to come back for more.

Hmm, unless you’re really craving grilled cheese that day then go for it! I’ll keep y’all updated and see what’s good so you can skip to the BEST spots and give your tastebuds something greatly satisfying.

Stay posted!

-xoxo Khirstyn-Lien

2 thoughts on “Dallas Eats: Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

  1. Congrats on using “boujee” in a food review – what a cool word. Never thought of it before, but grilled cheese is one thing I can make at home as well as a restaurant. Nice review though.

    Thanks for sharing.

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