Marking A New Beginning


Here’s something a little different from my usual posts.

Yesterday wrapped up my last day of summer courses, how great is that?! Now I have two weeks to pack up and move back down to my university. When I came home for the summer it was much needed. I couldn’t take another second being away from my family! Freshman year without them was definitely rough. Long nights filled with endless, studying, tears, trying to keep up socially online and offline, all while keeping active with various extracurriculars, and most importantly growing stronger in my faith.

Last year I didn’t feel the need to post as much about school; being a super involved senior, getting numerous scholarships (enough to pay for a years worth of college bills), and excelling in aspects of volunteer work. I kept academia, what I viewed as my
“nerdy” accomplishments, and my volunteer work separate; not so much that I was ashamed of it but because I didn’t feel the need for everyone to know what I was up to.

Looking back, I was more than ready to leave those halls but now I would take the chance to go back and relive it if I could. Now I’m not saying I’d die to be in high school again (to heck no) but life was doable and enjoyable. While I was in school this summer I constantly thought about getting out and having my two week summer break, but I know one day (maybe in the distant future because now is way too soon) I’ll look back and have the same mentality of “I could relive that moment. It wasn’t so bad, it was actually kind of enjoyable.” We are blessed to live every moment and sometimes it just takes a while for us to realize how good we have it.

For the rest of my journey I hope to share details of more things that I do I guess. Fashion and food are a big part of my life, but the majority of it consists of endless hours in scrubs, schoolwork drowning me, and moments of pure joy through community service. I’m not changing everything and steering away from fashion, food, or makeup, but I hope to incorporate all aspects of my life. Simply just adding more of what makes me, well… me.

Here’s to a new beginning.



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