Living It Up: My Daily Summer Schedule 

Waking up at 7am, heading to school at 9am, studying at the study center, 2hr lectures, 3hr labs, heading back to the study center, si sessions for 2 hrs, heading home at 8:30pm to finally eat, heading to the gym at 9pm-10:45pm, and coming home to study from 11pm-3am. There’s nothing more beautiful than a summer school schedule. 

I decided to take both summer sessions which sounded good in my mind, but sometimes I regret doing this to myself. Could I be out with friends? Eating? Exploring? Traveling? Most recently this Mon-Wed (tmr) I had to miss brand certification for VS PINK because today there’s lab practical and tomorrow there’s a mid term. Plus my lab days run mon-wed which I wouldn’t have been allowed to make up. Overall I have been attending school year round with no summer break! Say what?!

Going to the gym aids in my stress relief and I use my time wisely by multitasking. While doing cardio, leg workouts, and an workouts in the sauna I watch crash course chemistry and biology videos, which is actually something that I did often when I gunned senior year of high school. Optimizing my time is essential to me not feeling guilty for taking time out of my day to do something that takes time away from my studies. 

There’s always been tough decisions for me when it comes down to school and other things in life. Sometimes more severe than th scenario above. But ultimately I have come to the conclusion that learning is something I love so much that I am willing to subconsciously sacrifice sometimes (arguably depending on perspective) the better option for. 

Knowing that knowledge is power (as cliche as it may sound) further influences my decisions and knowing that not everyone is blessed to have the opportunity to learn also fuels the fire. A love hate relationship (school hates me but I love learning) seems to constantly divide my decisions. Despite the sleepless nights and race against time, always find balance in what you do. For example I’m allowing myself a study break to update y’all right now in the middle of the night before I continue to batter my brain for this mid term tomorrow. 

Doing what you love is what makes this life worth living. If something is important to you, you’ll always find a way to prioritize it often at the price of other opportunities. 

What motivates you to make your decisions? How do you make decisions to optimize the outcome of your future? 

*I know I haven’t done a lifestyle update in a while, but I hope y’all can see what a day holds for me. These decisions are constantly crossing my mind and hopefully one day when I do another update my feeling of being torn in opposite directions when it comes to learning will be suppressed.*

Kudos to you if you read this novel. 

Until next time, 

-xoxo Khirstyn-Lien 

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