Casual Dressing: For The Ride Home

During my second semester of college I went back and forth from home; back to back weekends. I for one hate driving in general and the four hour drive one way almost killed me… literally I was always so tired from research, community service, and classes; and usually had to jump into my car as soon as an event/ class was done. 
I knew my family would want to do something when I got home whether it be going out to eat or going to a museum. 

Here’s some fashion inspiration for my on the go/ fast pace/ never waste a second lifestyle people. 

Throw on a bralette with a casual v neck and sinch your waistline with a fitting jean button up skirt. Accessorize with statement wide cat eyed pink and gold sunglasses, tan wide strapped aerosol sandals, and a checkerboard Kate Spade over the shoulder bag. 

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