Summer Lovin’: Staycation Lookbook

Although I’m enrolled in university year round, summer is still meant for vacations… or in my case staycations. 

I like to go out and do something fun  at least once a week. Here pictured at the water gardens in the hellish Texas heat. 

I paired a lilac laced bra with a floral pink accented dress for 5$! And wore a simple white sandal with a metal gold tip accent, and brought along my charging caramel wallet purse for only 25$ to keep my always dying iPhone 6 juiced up! The reflector aviator sunglasses were definitely only worn for about 10 minutes though because the metal felt like it was burning my face, plus who wants a weird sunglasses tan anyways?! 


3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’: Staycation Lookbook

  1. I love your style! It’s so effortless, something I definitely aim to accomplish. I’m on vacation as well ahah, so you’ve inspired me to share some of my looks! I’m interested in exploring more of your work.
    Stop by sometime,
    Mena | 🌷🌿


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