Music Festival Vibin: Summer Lookbook

Finally, another study break and I’m living life like normal teenagers do during summer.

Since the weather is hellish, I opted for my favorite high waisted shorts I made as a sophomore in high school (which I also lost that year but finally found a few days ago 😅), a fringed white halter top with tribal accents down the middle to give the white a pop of color, some strappy yellow and nude sandals out to give me a ridiculous foot tan, 3 tier gold chandelier earrings larger than life accented with small blue dangly topaz beads, and to protect my arms from the blazing sun I used my old lightweight silky collared business competition button up as a breezy summer pullover. Oh, and let’s not forget my current favorite Barbie pink cat eyed sunnies to protect my eyes.

This look is perfect for hanging out, a hot summer date, or even an eventful day planned like a music festival.

Now that I found these shorts, I’m convinced my summer can’t go wrong, I’m taking it as a sign from God himself that life is currently in my favor. (Literally since I found them I’ve gotten perfect scores on not one, but TWO math exams which I thought I at least missed a few questions on.) And I’m 100% certain my luck will be passed onto you all from looking at these blessings we call shorts.
Thanks for dropping in!

Until next post beautiful people,

-xoxo Khirstyn-Lien

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