Chocolate Chips + Study Breaks

So lately I’ve been super bogged down with school, and I’ll be the first to admit that math is not my favorite subject. Well it was one of my favorites, up until calculus. While taking ochem I thought that was the hardest most time consuming subject I’d ever have to take in undergrad… well I thought wrong. It could be because the time frame I have for this math class is four weeks long with a semester’s worth of information. But boy is it stressing me out more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Sometimes in tough situations you have to take a little time away to do something fun. In today’s case I chose baking. Which is ironic since I used to HATE any form of cooking, but mostly the cleaning up part that followed it. Anyways, here’s a daily reminder to take a step back, and spend a few moments with family and friends doing something so normal but is also a little moment that you’ll cherish forever.

P. S. Cookie cutters pretty much only work for sugar cookies… point proven when my chocolate chip cookie angels I worked hard on came out as blobs.

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