Gift Guide for Guys

Whether it be Christmas or not, buying the perfect gift for a guy doesn’t come easy. They’re so simple… yet super complex at times. What do they even want?? Have no fear! Below I’ve prepped a list that has never failed me. From dads, to brothers, and boyfriends; this list should kick start your agenda:

1. Basic tees, hoodies, nice sweaters, and button ups

2. Flannel pajama pants, or just pajama pants in general (this one will go a long will, the guys I’ve brought them for wear them more than I would’ve ever thought. Who knew?!)

3. Food.

Cook a dinner or perhaps buy a basket of their favorite snacks. (Let’s be honest. This gift works wonders for anyone.)

4. Ties work wonders. From my experience dad’s really appreciate them and boyfriends too. You can keep it plain and simple or choose something super unique. The options are limitless!

5. Shoes, if you got it like that and you’re a balla go on ahead and buy those yeezy’s. (I don’t got it like that though, but I’m 100% sure it’s a solid gift idea.)

6. Gag gifts are also a great way to go. Get money printed toilet paper, big old obnoxious ties, or anything super weird and out of the ordinary. Gag gifts are memorable, and if your dad, brother, friend, or mans is big on humor: this is your go to.

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