Home For The Holidays Road Trip: A Lookbook

The 8hr drive to and from New Orleans to make it to my second home is always a long one. In order to make it more comfy this year I wore red track sweats, with a cropped black dragon embroidered bell sleeved hoodie, and paired it with two inch wide strapped black heels. I accessorized this look with my fav tortoise trimmed circle sunnies and silver tinker bell earrings that I haven’t worn since seventh grade simply because I couldn’t find any other earrings in my room back at home since I left all of my jewelry back at my apartment.

Fun story: when I was in 5th or 6th grade I went to universal studios and I had the quirkiest fashion sense as a preteen. One of the days out at the park I wore this black hello kitty shirt accented with rainbows and sparkles, along with some white platform sandals, and a white ruffled skirt from Justice trimmed with white sequins (because that was THE store back in my day). I was definitely feeling myself in that moment. I accessorized with some oversized purple sunnies and no other than my tinker bell earrings. When we were waiting in line for the new Harry Potter ride, a little girl had been staring at me for a while. When we got off of the ride she was waiting below as she and her family were one cart ahead of us. Her mother brought her over and the girl who was about 7-8 came up to me and told me how much she admired my outfit and her mother said she asked her to get the same outfit with an emphasis on my tinker bell earrings.

Long story short, I never forgot the feeling from that experience and always find joy when people I’ve never met before go out of their way to ask me where I shop or even for fashion advice. Sure people at school and family members had complimented my style before, but something about not knowing a person and them reaching out to you because they connected with your style has the most gratifying element you could ever experience.

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