Park City, Utah: A Lookbook

So currently Dallas hit 25 degrees while Utah was about 35 when I arrived. I styled this waterproof long sleeve shirt with a faux fur vest with super handy pockets and my marshmallow puffy light pink jacket lined with pink tan fur. I wore comfy leggings and later put on white ski pants and basically changed my whole outfit as well. And paired the look with white and black checkered snow boots.

The past few days have been mega hectic and my last post was created on the plane ride here to Park City, Utah. Thank goodness for airplane WiFi. In the past few days that I haven’t posted I aced two quizzes in the math class I’m taking online and completed homework which I have due basically every night, I almost died about a million times (I know I can be dramatic but I’m dead serious), I can say I made it through my teenage years and turned 20, and rang in the new year with some of the people I love the most in this world.

I’m still here in Utah, and it’s beautiful but I can’t wait until I go back home to finish this online class and catch up with friends for a few weeks until I go home!

While I was here I worked hard on content, school, and played pretty hard (hard enough to almost kill my self.) More look books coming soon, stay tuned.



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