‘Tis (still?) The Season #Khirstmas

So Christmas is over… but let’s be real I keep the Christmas spirit all year round. It’s never not in season to give (or to listen to your favorite Christmas music). So here’s to urging you all to not stop giving and to continue to work towards a better community no matter where you are or how busy your schedule may get.

Some year round places that I love to volunteer at are:

  • Elementary schools as a mentor and tutor
  • Nursing homes to hang out and make new friends
  • Hospitals to help as you can or you could even make cards to bring
  • 5k’s for various causes, these are usually fun to sign up with as a group whether you participate in them or volunteer to help run them
  • Homeless shelters to pass out necessities and serve in the kitchens

Here’s a small list of ideas to get you going! Never forget, everyone needs someone. And you can be that someone! Once again, happiness is best when shared and the moments you spend with others can be life changing on both parts.

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