Bed Head Guide: For My Girls On The Go

So we’ve all had those mornings. Going to sleep super late because of work or studying for those dreaded exams, then heading out after only getting three hours of sleep. Let’s keep it real. I know some of y’all leave the house in the clothes you’ve slept in because you’re just running THAT late. There’s no shame in it. Girls, and guys, all over have run into this problem at some point.

Sooo what do you do when you’re out of luck and just having one of these days? You rock it.

Tips for turning those rough days into great ones:

1. Keep a lippie in your backpack or purse. Bold lips mean everything. A solid red or darker magenta color will have you feeling empowered.

2. Eyeliner. I always keep liquid liner in my backpack because nothing has you seizing the day like a sharp cut winged eye.

3. Take that bed head hair and rock it. It’s one of the oldest and incoming latest trends (you know how trends like to recycle). People spend hours with teams getting that look for the run way, why not rock it to class? Or if you’re uncomfortable with bed head hair go ahead and throw it into a messy bun. Bed head makes the perfect base for a voluminous look, down or up.

4. The most important step above all else: carry yourself in a confident manner. When I was younger I was insecure, as most preteens often are. But after a while of learning to be comfortable being me I found that this secret had me feeling better than ever. Walk with your head held high and pretend like you’re walking in the next fashion week (this sounds so far fetched but honestly is my go to tip to being more confident.) This simple trick allowed me to look more confident, but more importantly feel it as well. Maybe just don’t tell other people what you’re thinking when you’re walking. This is a secret for you and I to keep. 😏😉

All in all, always be prepared for when you’re unprepared. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t NEED makeup to be bold nor beautiful, but for me makeup is a form of empowerment. I’m a firm believer in the whole “look good feel good” retrospect. I could dress like a bum but as long as I have a bold lip or bold liner I know the day is MINE. I hope you find what keeps you confident. Let me know how you guys get through the rough days!

No matter how you’re feeling, seize the day it’s yours for the taking!



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