The Best School Attire

Usually I’m not one to wear leggings, or sweats. Let’s just say I dress up pretty much everyday. But this semester I have micro lab two days a week, ochem lab, and work in a research lab throughout the other days of the week. I guess that would make me a classified lab rat. Pretty sure I’m not using that term correctly, but anyways.

Being a PINK stylist lately has come in handy. They always send over the comfiest leggings and bras for my never ending on the go days. Being comfortable is so important, especially when you leave your house at 8am and don’t come back until 11pm or sometimes 4am. School is intense y’all.

When I have time, I head over to the gym (mostly 3-4 days out of the week) and being in my comfy clothes I can head straight there! It’s so convenient and practical. During the long day you can still dress cute but hit the gym hard whenever you have time without looking ridiculous.

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