Pre-Spring Break: A Lookbook

Pink’s latest styling assignment for me included incorporating joggers. They had pastel colored ones but of course I went with a basic color because solid colors and neutrals will never go out of style or season.

Here I paired the classic black joggers with a white barred tube top and jean jacket. The weather in Texas is insane. It gets cold in the mornings and nights but hot in the afternoons so all of your outfits have to be pretty versatile to survive the day. Especially if you’re out at school from 8am-3am!

With lab five days a week it’s hard to stay comfortable and cute but lately PINK has been stocking me up with the best options for this busy school lifestyle!

With these challenges we also have about to get something(s) of our choice on the side and you all know how crazy I went over the first velvet bra featured in my fall shoot from 2017. (One of my first rounds of styling assignments for PINK!) So there’s no rhyme or reason as to why I got this except that I love velvet and the song “blue velvet” by Elvis Presley came across my mind even though I’ve only heard it once about a billion years ago.

As always, thanks for y’all constant support! Stay tuned for more of whatever I decide to post!



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