Dealing With Anxiety and Finding Relief

School has been so rough. What’s new? Along the deadlines of many assignments, tests, and extracurriculars I’ve found a sense of stress relief through tasks that are assigned to me that include my two favorite things: fashion and photography. As some of you may know, I’m a pink sponsored stylist. Basically I get fun assignments where I’m able to do something I love, create new looks and share them through images. Creating a look is an art in itself, but the most crucial part is photographing and editing an image of how you see fit for the aura you want to emit.

Lately I’ve been feeling anxious about well… everything. Professional school applications, family, school in general, keeping up with social media, and keeping relationships period. Recently I’ve talked to a friend who put things into perspective. Everything will fall into place, yeah again another cliche statement but it’s true, as long as you work for it. Eventually you’ll meet your goal.

Everyone is guiltily of comparing themselves to someone else at one time or another. We’re only human. But with whom are you truly running against? Yourself. There’s no specific age or way at which an occupation must be obtained, it’s great to set it as a goal but essentially every step in life has a checkpoint. Who’s to say that yours can’t be at a later age than someone else’s?

Personally I’ve been feeling as if I’m falling behind on where I need to be emotionally, spiritually, and timeline wise in what I had pictured to be the normal optimal age for specific milestones in life.

After being caught up in what I thought should be, I had to take a step back and live in the now. Having assignments with due dates for doing something I love has helped in a way force me to practice my favorite form of stress relief: shopping and editing pictures. Having a creative outlet gives you a way to escape for a moment in times where you feel trapped.

So the takeaway from this is:

Allot yourself time to do what you love. Set due dates for “assignments” that you can plan to do before you even know you’re stressed. In a sense, pre-plan your “me” time and do it despite what else is going on or how hectic your life is getting. There’s always enough time in a day if you make time.

*pictured above are images produced by me for various PINK challenges that I have already completed and are sponsored by VS PINK.*

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