Photo Editing Made Easy: Color Correction or Alteration

Colors. The single most important element of any photo. To fit your aesthetic sometimes it can be difficult when your colors aren’t consistent and you’re trying to keep up a “feed”.

There are a few ways you can go to keep a consistency to mark your own signature style. Often, from prior years people have chosen the faded looks, including a slightly rosy ambiance and muting bold colors and within more recent years I’ve seen a shift towards more profiles using bolder/ sharper natural lighting themes. So how do you keep it consistent?

1. You can use the same boring filter on every picture and adjust brightness, highlights, contrast, etc to about the same every time.

2. You can use apps like Light Room to alter individual colors and focus on making a single color reappear within each photo, even if it wasn’t there to begin with.

For the purpose of this post let’s go with option two. The original picture features a bold red lip and a 90’s sea foam green jacket courtesy of my dad’s closet.

For my particular feed I brought down the saturation of the red tones and increased its highlights to create more neutral colors in order to flow with my feed.

There was a time when I focused on having blues in my feed, so for example if I didn’t want to have this season green color throw it off I’d work with the colors of the blues to get the rich royal blue in order to have coherent images at that point.

Essentially, you want to put out work that represents you and reliable images that people can expect. The color scheme and edits you use are a way of self expression and is equivalent to your sense of style: for example, how you dress yourself.

As stated before there are ways to break themes and still have a coherent feed. But I’ll save that for next time. 🙂

Best of luck,



Here’s what the app looks like.

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