Frequent Traveling Hacks

For the past month I’ve had non stop flights, drives, and boat rides to new cities, states, and countries. Making the most out of the first break from school I’ve had in over a year before I start summer school in a few weeks is how you could view it, but in reality my family has always been one to travel a lot year round. I’ve been blessed with some pretty cool parents. But I also have been on a few travels with friends which has added to this always on-the-go lifestyle.

Within the past month I’ve been to Vegas, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan in Honduras, and heading to Galveston to close out the month. If you’re anything like myself packing and unpacking is a pain. So here’s some tips to reduce your stress load.

Tip 1: Get one big luggage to put your clothes and shoes in and one giant tote or purse to carry makeup, books, and electronics. This way you limit what you’re carrying and have a max of carrying two items to make check ins, and overall traveling a bit easier and more efficient.

Tip 2: Pack closet staples and a few wild pieces that you can mix and match to dress up or down. By this I mean classic solid pants and undershirts to mix and match as you please. (Using this method I had about 4 outfit changes on a 7 day cruise a day… no exaggeration.)

Tip 3: The shoes you pack make a big difference. Try not to pack too many heels because it takes up more luggage space, chances are you won’t wear them as much as the other shoes you’ve packed, and it’s so much heavier than other options. If you must pack heels/wedges/ booties, pack a neutral pair that match nearly every outfit so you can’t go wrong.

In all honesty though, I packed my luggage the night before my first trip and probably won’t unpack it until 3-5 months after I move into my new apartment. But, a lot of us are guilty of living out of our luggage’s after trips. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Using the tips above I’ve been traveling the world for the past month with the same luggage and overall belongings while still being able to serve a new look almost daily.

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