How To: Photo Themes

The long awaited, not very actually, post about themes! So before we get started I do get the question of how I edit photos since I can remember, well since like high school when I was old enough to get on social media.

Themes make your profile, well… you. It sets the tone and when someone sees your profile as a whole it gives off a vibe that you want to create. For ex: faded for a grunge look or vibrant for a portrayal of life in color. You picking up what I’m putting down?

So let’s get started in chronological order from now and then reverting back to my old editing style with the how to of each transition using Instagram as the primary example for this post.

More recently during my later college era, i.e. sophomore/junior year I’ve changed my editing style to one that’s more vibrant and rich by enriching colors that are there through bringing out their highlight in the lightroom app. It’s super simple and takes usually 7min or less for color correction. More recently I’ve created pre sets that I use normally on all of my pictures.

Here’s a look of my theme freshman/ sophomore year when I went for that clean white background with a bit of contrast to bring out the subject. Not gonna lie, I used Facetune to whiten most of the white backgrounds because I still have no idea how to use snapseed.


The black/ darker brown toned theme above is from high school and the blue phase below, as well as the phase where I muted/faded every picture (the tumblr influenced phase if you will,) were all different themes I used in high school.


Essentially, just try to stick to a single variation of one filter if you want it to flow nicely. Or go with what I’ve been doing more recently and just using the same several filters spaced out so you’re not limited. I’ve created a few presets that I apply through light room so that it’s easy to just slap on to any picture and post. If you do the second option it gives you more variety and helps if you’re indecisive and not ready for commitment to a single filter (definitely don’t have commitment issues.)


Definitely drafted this in November of 2018, but was looking through my unpublished drafts and here it is!

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