(This header was taken at a coffee shop that I spent dead day studying at from 8am-7:30pm. So it’s relevant if you were wondering.)

Howdy! Have BIG test anxiety? Ever wonder how to calm your nerves? Can’t sleep before a major exam? I got you.

If you’re anything like me finals or any testing situation is enough to keep you up. Even if I’ve studied weeks in advance for an exam the night before I tend to get pretty anxious and a lot of nights am unable to sleep or sleep for a few hours because I usually have 8ams and it’s better to stay up just to make sure I don’t miss them. Here’s some maybe useful tips you could apply to your routine that I’ve incorporated this year to help me.

  • If you’re trying to catch some rest go to the gym and max out. Do thirty minutes of HIT cardio and follow it up with weight lifting and try to go until you can’t anymore. All the while, record yourself speaking reviews with voice recorder on your phone and listen to it while you workout so you can also study while you’re out. This will make you BIG tired so after you go home chances are you’ll shower and sleep fairly well.
  • Take a long warm shower or bath and turn on a diffuser or light a candle to relax you.
  • If you’re trying to sleep, don’t drink two Venti’s in a day.
  • Wind down and drink a glass of wine. It usually helps to calm me down.
  • Flip your sleeping schedule (sleep during the day and stay up at night if you have an early exam and you’re typically the type to stay up.)

Maybe a few of these tips aren’t so hot, but take what you can from this and go with it! Happy finals and good luck to anyone still in school. I got out about a week ago and probably won’t recover since I went back to studying the next day and have to for the rest of break. The minute I finished my last final at 5pm last Tuesday I went home and napped til 8pm woke up and went out to eat at Chuy’s, went back to sleep at 9:30pm and woke up at 11am. Yikes. Hopefully y’all get some rest and don’t have trouble sleeping in the first place, but if you do this ones for you! 😘

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