13 inches + dead weight gone

This past October I was not feeling well in many aspects. From school to every other aspect in my life. I felt sick (metaphorically speaking). I wasn’t quite sure why. Going to school and being involved in community service/ extracurriculars is literally the same routine I’ve been following my entire life. I felt unmotivated when it came to things like going to the gym, having simple conversations with people (I would avoid making eye contact with anyone when I walked across campus so I wouldn’t have to speak to them), and I felt unmotivated to do things like blog or sometimes even leave my house. Which was extremely unlike me because usually I’m with a friend or hanging out with a group of people somewhere outside of my place. I get like this usually 1-3 days out of the semester but this time the days turned into months.

I guess I was frustrated, not quite angry and I had been wanting to cut my hair anyways (I usually donate it every few years.) After a bad round of exams I wanted to cut it ALL off, but sometimes I can’t even cut wrapping paper in a straight line so seeing as that wasn’t the best idea; after church one day and before heading to tutoring for anatomy and physiology I went to ULTA and did what I’d been dying to do.

13 inches off to donate and a lot more after the 13… because I think I had someone in training but long story short I felt better not just because of that but because I finally did something I’d been meaning to do. Sometimes you just feel at a standstill and for me this change got the ball rolling. I started gymming more even as the time in my days got busier with meetings on top of final exams (even during actual finals week I went more than I ever had… every single day of the week), I prayed more, and I slept better. Most importantly I started taking time for me.

I cut a lot of social interactions and simply hanging out with people I wasn’t that close to and started to take more time for myself as well as get closer to those that I knew I wanted around in the long run.

Long story short: if you’re ever feeling at a standstill, or unmotivated in any aspect of life start by finding something that motivates you and perhaps gives you a goal/ purpose each day. For me I feel what really got me back on track was the gym. Making excuse like “I don’t have time” is so easy to do and it’s not hard to convince yourself to skip but once you do it for that day you’re glad you did. I used to convince myself that I could use that time to study, but I created a way I could study at the gym by recording my lectures and re-listened to them during the duration of my workout and for finals I made audio recordings of myself reading the entire reviews.

There’s always a way to get out of a rut, and again only YOU can choose the quality and happiness for yourself at the end of the day.

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