Khirstmas 2018: A Lookbook

Opted out of wearing red and green this Christmas and went for an all white look. Accented it with a green over the shoulder Kate Spade while walking Kabbage who coincidentally matched me… or did I match him? Looks like I matched both of the dogs in the house this year. I had heels about as tall as skyscrapers so I swapped them out for these comfy closet staples and the most extra earrings that don’t really go with this fit but you know we can make anything work, right?



p.s. Drafted this look this past December… now it’s the end of February but as a great philosopher once said, better late than never! Stay tuned for super old lookbooks from last year that will probably be posted so I can finally empty out my camera roll! Soooo much content, even ranging from my Victoria’s Secret Pink Stylist days that still have yet to make their way out of my archives and onto the blog. But you know what they say… biochem, genetics, and all other school work comes first.

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